Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Passing Of A Friend

A text message came in at 9.25a.m. yesterday morning from a former colleague, Cikgu Zamri. Going by past experiences, I knew instinctively that something was not quite right for ordinarily, Cikgu Zamri would not have texted me. He was the first one to inform me when two mutual friends passed away on two separate occasions a few years ago.

Hands trembling, I fumbled to access the message and my worst fears were confirmed. It was with shock and disbelief that I read the text " Cikgu Mat Zin meninggal". I was momentarily engulfed by the all too familiar  intense feeling of sadness, helplessness and remoteness all rolled into one, every time a news of this immense gravity hit me. I knew he had some heart problems but he was a picture of perfect health the last time I met him some two months ago.

I called back Cikgu Zamri and another former colleague, Cikgu Shukri  to get the details and was told that he complained of breathing difficulties the night before and was rushed immediately to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital Alor Setar. He succumbed to his death in the wee hours of yesterday morning.

I knew Cikgu Mat Zin when I was a teacher at SMK Tunku Seri Indera Putera, Jitra. His stern and formidable exterior, which was expected of a descipline master, belied the the gentle, kind and jovial personality that he truly was. It was to him that I ran for help every time I encountered problems putting down the few student hardcores who caused endless trouble in class. He would round up these rouges and after a few sessions, they returned to my class, as timid as a mouse!!!

I shall miss you Cikgu Mat Zin. May your soul rest in peace. Al Fatihah.


  1. Al Fatihah, may he be placed among the muqarrabin

  2. AlFatihah..semoga roh aruah Cikgu Mat Zin tergolong bersama kumpulan yang soleh dan beriman.
    Sad to hear the passing of a good teacher.

  3. mamasita,
    Thank you Datin for sharing my grief.

  4. Innalillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon

    Salam perkenalan Siti, saw your name at kama's and thought I'd drop you a line (sounds archaic). I think I've hopped by here before and admired your light-and-easy blogging style.

    My condolences too on the loss of a member of your fraternity.

  5. Salam Zendra,
    Thank you for the kind words. Been following your blog for quite some time now. We have something in common .....our blog skin. Hope to discover more common interests besides blogging and blog skin!!!

  6. Hi Siti Roffini, I was at Wan Sharif's place about to check out noticed your callsign and slammed my brakes buat U turn, busybody here....
    Regret to read of the Chegu's passing. May he rest in peace.

    Noticed you in Jitra? Wow! I used to passed by or stopped for iced coffee there wayyyy back in the '70s, '80s.....
    I guess the place must have changed from a 'sleepy town' to somewhat active presently.
    I remember on a Main street, a corner coffee shop a makcik used to sell nasi lemak, as well another stall 'laksa'.
    Must say, the laksa was one of the best I have eaten too.

    You have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  7. Uncle Lee,
    Greatly honoured that you decided to make a U-turn to visit me. Oh yes, Jitra has transformed in a big way in the past 10 years I've been here. I really don't know what Jitra was like in the 70's and 80's. Never been to Jitra those days. It was my husband's idea to retire in peace and Jitra was his choice. It was peaceful alright when we first came but now...well, OKlah. All the old shops lining the main road are gone except for one block next to the river or is it canal? Unfortunately, your coffee shop has disappeared and with it the laksa and nasi lemak, too! I'll try and post some pictures of the new Jitra for you in my blog.

  8. Al-fatihah buat arwah cg mat zin. semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah SWT.