Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tales from Jitra....The Sweet Temptations

"Precious Moments" was a hasty choice in my eagerness to get a glimpse of my blog when I first experimented with blogging. Now, after almost a year, I feel a new title "Tales From Jitra" would be more appropriate.

Today's tale is about my monthly blood sugar check-up. I'm not diabetic, never have been and would prefer to remain that way forever, God willing. I can't remember exactly when my husband first started acting the doctor, pricking our fingers with such finesse that would put many  nurses and even doctors to shame!! But, it was not an overnight success story. It took him years to hone his skills to perfection, and it was in both my mum and me that he experimented zealously. We had to suffer the brunt of his hands-on, trial and error art of finger pricking, in silence. Any show of resentment at being made guinea pigs would doubtlessly put an end to our regular monthly tests carried out in the comforts of our home and FOC, too. So, my mum and I decided to submit to his well-meaning "onslaught" despite the numerous painful finger pricking sessions we had to endure before he finally turned pro.

The "doctor's" gadget

The results were  normal for both mum and me, according to the  "doctor".  I thought mum's 5.8 reading was a bit on the high end but the "doctor" explained that, given her age, this was OK.

So, mum celebrated her results by making bubur kacang. And some bubur kacang it was, with very thick santan and a generous amount of sugar,of course, cooked to a perfect gooey consistency; Mum loves her bubur thick and creamy. Not wanting to lose out to mum, I also celebrated my victory in great style, nonetheless......went to the market and bought 4 durians!!! After all, there's a lot of time to surrender to all the sweet temptations before the next finger pricking session.

Mum's extra rich, extra creamy bubur kacang


  1. Selamat pagi Cikgu,

    Wah u bikin rebranding after 1Year, nice, what about a new logo too or maybe a photo of Jitra town centre as a header.

    Good that u guys look after your health which is the upmost important element in our general wellbeing. I believe u’ll be fine so long as u consume in moderation but then again all food that taste good are BAD for u….kekeke. Ya, I'm a sweet person too, bubur kacang, chendol, ice kacang, bubur cacar, mango puddings, coconut sago, almond custard and all other sweet desserts. Yes, I gotta watch my blood sugar level too but what the heck, u only live once :))



  2. Salam Pn Siti,

    Wah! thick bubur kacang!...drop a few ulas durian in it...oooo heaven!
    Sekali sekala tak pe Kak..;-)

  3. Hi Tommy,
    Been longing to have a new logo for ages but still wondering how to go about doing it. Baru lesen "L".
    Yes, it's difficult to stay away from all those sweet stuff but sikit sikit tak pa punya. Have a nice day.

  4. Salam Yan,
    Akan cuba masukkan durian dalam bubur kacang lain kali. Tak pernah cuba pun. Mesti terangkat punya!!

  5. ,,,waaaadoooo !!! i must track into the jungle again for some durians this evening with WO(R) Mahadir that ex-Airforce commando, he is a regular houseguest to my joint here nowadays with his two sons. His 21 years old son is undergoing pirate training during the weekends in-order to learn a trade for survival hahhha !. Also getting onboard 2 x trainees i.e. sons of friends as Internship during their break - an naval architect undergraduate to understudy traditional terengganu malay wooden boat design & construction at Pulau Duyong plus be my 2nd mate on board my Patrol Boat-East Coast Blue Waters "ECBW" and another young IT graduate to learn the hospitality trade 1st hand prior running his daddy's homestay at Marang.
    ,,,o.k. back to durian, will have to prepare myself right now for the trip hehehe. Keeping my fingers cross !. i think i can smell it too from the morning breeze.... eeerrrmmm.
    Jane, lets go !! durian hunting, good girl.

  6. Alahaiii..
    Tengahari Jumaat nie..
    teringat bubur kacang Bonda Cikgu Siti plak..
    boleh kyusuk ke solat Jumaat nie?

  7. Dear Capt.,
    Looks like you've got your hands full. Think you are the only one in M'sia, may be in the world even, who offers pirate training course. Fascinating!! Please teach your students to go and loot all those luxury yachts. Hehehe.
    And good luck in your durian hunting. Kesiannya tak dapat lagi sampai la ni??

  8. En. Wan,
    Pasai apa tunngu nak dekat sembahyang baru nak baca. Susah betoi ni. Nanti I subahat pulak. Hehehe. Tak pa, InsyaAllah khusyuk sembahyang you.

  9. Siti !,

    ,,,indeed, kesian juga in training the one arm WO(R) Mahatdir's son jadi pirate but he is picking up the trade in quick time-lah...even pulling the sea kayak with his good hand plus tidying up the beachfront/washing the kayaks/gardening plus laughing his head off while playing with Jane. Unfortunately having difficulty in serving the houseguests or making hot drinks cos. of his physical h/cap but what matters is his mental strength and self confidence. Am just a coach/mentor, its within himself to build up his mental strength and face things logically as a man !. He is willing to learn plus face the challenges, so he will be o.k. from the looks of it. In fact, he sets an example to the rest of the lazy island beach bums, jangi jangan malas berkerja.
    ,,,Life n living is just being creative-lah that is my only advise to him.

  10. tales from jitra - i like the new name! sounds cool and unique. i bet no other person in jitra has a blog as cool as yours!