Sunday, August 1, 2010

Teachers And Politics

Teachers in grades DG41 to DG48 can engage in politics. Read more here.

I don't really like to air my thoughts on politics because my knowledge is much too shallow to render a fairly decent comment. But, this particular one about teachers being given the option to participate in active politics is far too close to home for me to remain silent and let it just slip away. They say, once a teacher always a teacher. I think I need to break my silence on this one even at the risk of being made a laughing stock or an object of ridicule.

Ever since the announcement, I have not stopped questioning the rationale behind the drastic move. I thought all government servants, teachers included, have to pledge their undivided loyalty to the government of the day. By having this clause amended, are they allowed the freedom to support any political party? If this is the case, then, wouldn't it be contradictory to serve the ruling party and yet support the opposition, for those who choose to do this. Unless, of course a provision is stated which forbids them to support the rival party, which I think is nowhere to be found in the clause.

It appears to me that the government is confident the results of this action would swing in their favour.  I, on the other hand, is of the opinion that they are treading on  highly explosive ground. One wrong step would have the whole thing blown up to pieces. The fact that the opposition has given their blessing is indicative that they, too, think the move would benefit them. I think they have been waiting for something like this to come their way. It's like pucuk dicita ulam mendatang for them.

Politics is extremely infectious. The merest hint of a provocation could turn the most timid of teachers into roaring tigers ready to pounce and prey. I have seen it happen many times before. Is the present government ready to face the consequences should there be an outbreak of an epidemic, or pandemic even? May be it would be too late at that time to revert to the original unamended clause. (Is this possible?)

One final question before I close shop. Is the government certain that the vast majority of teachers all over Malaysia is on their side? If so, then there's nothing to fear but if it goes the other way round, you are in deep trouble. When you are just an ordinary teacher, like who I once was, you mix around with ordinary teachers. You see and hear a lot of things which I think have failed to reach the ruling party, otherwise they wouldn't have been so rash in their decision. It is important to carry out a thorough investigation prior to taking such a big  step. It would be foolish to just rely on what you see on the surface. The underlying waters may tell a different story altogether.

One thing is for sure, I'm completely lost when it comes to politics, but being the busybody that I am, it's difficult for me not to poke my nose in this one. Whatever, the outcome, we'll just have to wait and see. And in the mean time ,Good  Luck  Barisan Nasional.


  1. Pn Siti,salam ziarah.
    Lagilah banyak relief kena buat bila cikgu cikgu mula berpolitik.Mesti ada yang tumbuk meja PK1 nanti.
    dari pengalaman.

  2. Salam Pn Siti,
    I am not too sure that the option for certain group of teachers to participate in politic was given in a good faith or for the good of the country.. For years, most are of the opinion that teachers are the staunchest supporter of the government..
    Hopefully every teachers take it in good spirit.. dabbling in politics without neglecting the tasks entrusted to them or was it not the tasks that they seek to be entrusted..
    But then again there are few teachers I know that showed their inclination to the opposition publicly.. only to be posted to the ulus like Pasir Raja in Trengganu (in the 60's and 70's)..
    Or was it just "those were the days..."

  3. ooh dear ooo dear !

    ,,,what was Najib thinking ?. This must be the proposal by his dearest wife, who now thinks that she can gather more votes in the next GE 13 for her hubby ?...eerrmm by the way things are going, not only the teachers but the rest of the govn. servants surely will show their true colors or belang !. The ruling elite is now so desperate and so willing to take the risk or big gamble-lah. They are in for their biggest surprise, mark my words yaa.
    ,,,i meet hundreds or thousands of rakyat nowadays in my Capt's Cafe or Kopitiam corner and i guess i get 1st hand political feelings from them. Most of them are kind of pissed off with what is NOT happening after the last election, all promises with nil action. Just sick of and di-permainkan oleh politik palsu.
    ,,,black cloud is gathering, some thunder & lightning ?. huhuhu.

  4. Mokja,
    That's right. Dulu sebelum berpolitik pun tak menang tangan kena relieve so many teachers.

  5. En. Wan,
    Seriously, I think the days when teachers would give their all to UMNO are gone. Over and done with. But, there are still a handful who are loyal despite the many blunders that they(UMNO) made. Anyway, the opposition is not so goody, goody themselves. May be they are even worse.

  6. Hi Capt.
    It's always nice to hear from you. I know this entry would stir you a bit. You know, I think your observations reflect the general attitude of most Malaysians towards the ruling party. It has not escaped me, too. Honestly, I feel sad because there's no guarantee that the opposition are a better lot. They are equally, if not more, haprak. Well, I suppose that's what politics is all about.....promises, more promises which translate to RUBBISH. Have a nice day on your island, Capt.

  7. Salam Pn Siti Roffini
    Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.
    This could be the govt's way of getting the mechanism to control & monitor the so called 'political activities' of the teachers that could be detrimental to BN's survival in the coming general election.

    Certainly we don't want to see in schools Party A teachers fighting with Party B teachers, or teachers spending part of their time on kerja politik, all at the expense of the students. And the rakyat, of course.

  8. Salam Temuk,
    I agree with you. There shouldn't be any compromises where students are concerned. Selamat Berpuasa.