Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Miss You, Ayah.

It is customary for the Muslims of Malaysia to visit the graves of their loved ones the first day of Hari Raya. I am no exception but I make it a point to visit once a few days before the Hari Raya for the sole purpose of clearing the graves of creepers which seem to thrive very well in such  habitat. Mum and I used to do this together but ever since her knees were no longer able to bend without causing her great pain,  the task fell on me. Mum protested, insisting that she could still help me weed out those unwanted creepers but I firmly put my foot down. I will make another trip on the eve of the Raya and this time I will dutifully bring Mum along to pay her respects to Dad and Mum's parents.

Dad was buried in the Akar Peluru Muslim Cemetery Alor Setar in 1990 alongside my grandparents (Mum's parents), my uncle and two cousins who died when they were babies. So, sometimes other relatives beat me to the noble deed of cleaning the graves of our loved ones.

Last Friday, equipped with the necessary tools, xnuripilot and I headed for Akar Peluru. I prayed the ground would not be wet and muddy. It would then be a very, very sticky and messy affair. Surprisingly the ground was dry despite some rain a few days ago. I discovered no relatives had been here before me this time around.

I  wasted no time in tackling all those creepers.

Almost done.

Despite the grim and sombre atmosphere surrounding the cemetery, xnuripilot insisted that I take this picture of him!

Ok, done.  Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh mereka. Amin.


  1. talk about graves, we need minimum 2 hrs each time. late grandparents, father-in-law, uncles, aunties, cousins are all buried at the same cemetery. over here it's customary to visit on the eve of raya.

  2. noir,
    I think it's a good practice visiting the graves on the eve of Raya. First day Raya will not be so hectic that way. I have been doing this ever since we moved to Jitra.

  3. Semuga Allah mencucuri rahmat kearah roh2 mereka yang tersayang..
    Now looking at the picture of Xnuripilot bertenggek di atas bangunan kubur.. saya pernah kena tegur bertenggek begitu.. khabarnya kurang baik.. kena cari /mengaji /bertanya pasal ni..
    selamat berpuasa, bridilfiti maaf zahir batin

  4. Pn Siti,salam merdeka.
    Semoga Roh mereka yang bersemadi dicucuri rahmat.Alfatihah.

  5. En Wan,
    While I'm not overly superstitious, xnuripilot is not at all. Nevertheless, I will take note of your advice and will refrain from committing any more such "crimes" in the future. But, xnuripilot has a mind of his own. Don't all the male species?

  6. Dear Mokja,
    Just call me Siti. Enjoy reading your blog but unable to keep up pace commenting on every entry. How you are able to write so many so fast beats me.

  7. salam Ffini...

    i yatim piatu...miss them so much, eventhough dah tua2 nihh!!

  8. Dear room-mate,
    Yes, I know how it feels. I miss my father terribly even after 20 years.

  9. Hi Siti,

    I just want to drop in to wish you & your family a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

    Hope all of u have a very pleasant time celebrating this special occasion.


  10. Salam Siti Roffini

    Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh arwah ibu bapa kita semua. Bagi saya, ketiadaan mereka memang sentiasa dirasakan saban hari, walau sudah bertahun-tahun. Amat hiba bila terkenang peri sedikitnya jasa mereka yang sempat dibalas.

    Semoga Siti Roffini dan Mej Nor Ibrahim sihat & bergembira merayakan Syawal tahun ini.

  11. Salam Cikgu,
    Terima kasih kerana mendoakan suami dan saya sihat. Semoga cikgu dan keluarga pun demikian juga.