Saturday, January 30, 2010

Of Facebook And Twitter

I started blogging some time last year after I completed the treatment for Hepatitis C. I also started my retirement about this time. I felt I had so much time with so little to do, so I did what most people are doing...........BLOGGING. I discovered, to my pleasure, I was able to kill time and needleess to say, boredom as well. It has helped to preserve my sanity!

Then, my dear husband started bragging that he was on Facebook. Not one to be left out, I hurriedly signed up and was rather excited when I, too, was accepted on Facebook. I felt very pleased that I was part of the Facebook community, but it was not for long.

The next day.........SHOCK! HORROR! Except for a few names which were familiar, the rest were TOTAL STRANGERS. What were they doing in my Facebook. This was definitely an intrusion into my privacy. I saw a lot of activities posted on my "wall". It was certainly not my cup of tea. So, I shied away from Facebook. I was not ready to allow strangers to have a sneak preview of my activities UNTIL..........

A few days ago, I decided to check on my Facebook. With so many rave reviews about it, I decided to do some exploring before calling it quits for the second time. I have to admit I was too hasty in my initial judgement. I was pleased to discover that I could actually control the traffic flow in my Facebook. I can pick and choose my friends and I can control the postings on my wall. GREAT!

When I told my husband about this new discovery, he proudly announced that he is currently a member of Twitter. Oh no! Not another one! This time I will not plunge in blindly like I did with Facebook. Talking about my dear husband, he knows next to nothing about Facebook or Twitter. Never mind, at least I achieved something through his boastful claims.


  1. ,,,hahaha....sharing your fights with each other via the net !...indeed, something new to me too hehehe...Bib does not want to touch any pc ever in her life time, guess she is much smarter than me on that count ! hehehe.
    ,,,my doa to your good health, its about lifestyle and living indeed plus watch what one eats ! Am never better in health since retiring on kapas island with just my dog as company since the other half is back in Miri until our son finish his form 5 there in Riam Chinese School. He read and write Manderin like any chinese !....such let him complete his studies b4 the mother will be free to join me.


  2. Hi Capt.'s Longhouse,

    Glad that you appear in my blog instead of my husband's. He was lamenting that he had not heard from you for quite a while. Saw you at your heavenly island on TV the other day. Wow! Everyday is a holiday for you. It is no wonder that you are so healthy. Have not seen Bib for more than 30 years - miss her dearly. Met some old friends recently, Hasnah Effendi, Sharifah Rahman, Shikin Dollah, Rafeah Fauzi. I think Bib would know.

  3. Siti,

    ,,,Bib had retired 3 years back and now as the driver for our son in Miri!. She was offered a nursing tutor appointment but turned it down, enough is enough for her. hehehe As for myself, island living as a lifestyle plus accepting houseguests from all over the world keeps me busy. Meeting lots of interesting/challenging individuals and making friends after robbing their hearts ! pirate style-lah yoohohoo Fun under the Sun every day kind of-lah. BUT lots of blood, sweat & tears to keep the Capt's Longhouse ship-shape too !..
    ,,,glad to note your hubby is keeping himself healthy at the golf course. i kind of stopped playing golf for the past 10 years or so but have taken up sea sports instead since i loves the sea.
    ,,,am into natural medicine too, so eating mostly geends nowadays. Just for your info. "Serai" is the best anti-cancer weed that also acts as cancer preventive med. Do eat lots of it plus raw garlic and use only olive oil for your cooking. i eat fruits like a rabbit too hahaha.

    cheers take care.

  4. Hi again Capt,

    Thanks for the health tips. I have lots of serai in my backyard - no problem there but raw garlic...takes a bit of practice to get accustomed to the taste - very pedas. Will try though, for the sake of health.

  5. siti,

    ,,,you can also cook the garlic but don't over cook it cos. the medicinal properties gets kind of destroyed by heat. So put in the garlic last in during the cooking !.
    ,,,the other thing that is very good for the body is olive oil, take a spoonful everyday of it or eat it with fresh salads. Avacado fruits is also great, so have them regularly with some chocolate ice cream !...enjoy eating as much fruits as possible or make them as your primary diet nowadays plus less rice, go for bread. hehehe ! you know my diet too and am very very fit and healthy.
    ,,,I can still play rugby with the younger guys during the season and kick boxing with any of my challengers on the island as a sport. hahaha plus unarmed combat as an exercise to keep my muscles toned. Still is as brutal as ever in the ring! hahaha. Maybe am just a crazy sportsman with that fighting spirit type - who dares win ?. Orang tua tak sedar diri hahaha that is what Bib keeps reminding me. hahaha and she is also very healthy indeed, exercise everyday too !. She must sweat it out, daily.
    ,,,so exercise, exercise and more exercise daily or workouts as some might call it.

    cari nama u kat FB tak jumpa. Ada geng kita kat FB, nanti boleh la story2. Ada zu, syonli, fir, kinah etc. u boleh cari my full name n boleh join dengan the others. See u kat FB!

  7. Salam Midah,

    Tak pandai sangat dengan FB. Tapi, I will try.

  8. cikgu, jgn lupa add saya kat facebook nanti :D