Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sofa Make-Over

Last month I decided to send my living room and bedroom sofa set for a complete make-over (change the upholstery).The reason for the decision was because my cat's continuous scratchings at the upholstery had resulted in a rather "hairy" and "furry" appearance. Every time my husband and mother blamed Tuah for the eyesore in our living room and my bedroom, I would cover up for him explaining to them that cats have a natural urge to scratch at things, a trait which is beyond their control. I don't really know whether this is fact or fiction but both my husband and mother were a little bit more forgiving after that. Well, I think I succeeded in making them accept  my newly-postulated theory.

Tuah, nicely perched on top of the old sofa, completely worn-out after a bout of merciless scratching.

It's been two days now since I got back my newly-upholstered sets. Tuah tried his luck yesterday on one of the chairs but I managed to stop him before any damage was done. I hope and pray that he will not go back to his old antics.


  1. The sofa is too comfy to resist! Tuah must had a good meal before his nap too - he looks very complacent..

  2. Salam. How re u? Wow, lama tak masuk sini, makin glamour site u ni..... So.... bahagia mengisi masa lapang. Bila boleh kita ajak member2 together-gether ye? Tapi kan.... kita orang kena sekolah 3x satu ni tau! You tak join face book ke? Cari nama u tak jumpa.....

  3. Hi. Noticed that you have uploaded your photo! Hilang rindu kat kak muni!

  4. Hi Midah,

    Miss you dearly. Nothing else to do so I try to keep sane by blogging. Would love to get together with all of you. Keep in touch. Salam to all

  5. Hi Ikke,

    I was overly tempted when I saw your photo. So I stared straight into the webcam and clicked off. I studied the result and was quite satisfied and hastily uploaded to my profile.