Thursday, April 8, 2010


I woke up this morning at about 5 and on opening the windows, the sweet scent of jasmine floated into the bedroom. It has a therapeutic effect on me. After breathing in deeply a few times, I felt adequately charged to start off my day. My cat, Tuah, did not share the bed with us last night, so I slept right through. Normally, Tuah would creep in stealthily and make himself comfortable in the middle of our king-sized bed. He has an uncanny way of claiming territory leaving us with barely enough space on either side to stretch out our weary bodies, let alone sleep comfortably.

I have not been feeling very well since we started getting the rain about a week ago. Nothing serious, just a mild case of running nose. Nevertheless, I am quite worried that it might develop into something more drastic - H1N1 in particular.

I read in the papers last Sunday that Cambodia had started a nationwide vaccination programme on ALL children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, pregnant women and those with chronic lung diseases. It came as no surprise to me when developed countries like Australia, New Zealand  and the U.S. announced that all their citizens would be vaccinated regardless of whether they were vulnerable or not. But for a country like Cambodia to undertake such a noble act is something else, given its under developed status (or is it developing?) Even if it were a developing nation, then that makes it even with Malaysia. But, is Malaysia as responsible and sensitive towards her citizens as far as H1N1 is concerned?

Of course, we are constantly reminded to seek immediate help if we have all the symptoms and that vaccination will be given to all who are considered "vulnerable". The problem is, how do we know whether we are in the high risk group and even if we are able to identify, how far advanced are we into a certain illness before we are deemed eligible for the vaccination. What is the instrument of   measurement? Obesity, diabetes and asthma are some of those in the high risk category but I'm sure not all would be entertained if they were to request for the vaccination. If, however, priority is given to them after they tested positive, then, it is no longer preventive in nature. I thought prevention is always better than cure.

I think Malaysia is very vague in addressing this issue. I think  Malaysia should follow in the footsteps of her neighbour, Cambodia, in curbing the disease from spreading. I think Malaysia should practise what she preaches in line with her 1Malaysia slogan of "Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan".


  1. Siti,

    ,,,YES, only when our dirty corrupted politicians plus wifes stop their kind of stupidity and from spending Rakyat money in their world study tours as in Paris recently !.
    ,,,i was told that one fat lady was holding bagfull of euro in cash plus spending our monies !. Am not kidding cos the embassy staffs were put to misery during her shopping spree !. (Bib was there too but not part of the PM special team hahaha !...also spending my money !)hehehe.

  2. Hi Capt.,
    Wow! Bib is one lucky lady. Well, I think it's honourable to splurge your money on your wife. After all, what are you going to do with the tons of money that you get "pirating" on the island. Hehehe.

  3. Salam, saw you at Puteri's and here I am and happy to see that you are in Alok Setark!!! Can I link you? - Kak Teh , another alork stark girl.

  4. Sure. I don't know whether I should address you as Kak Teh. I think you're years younger than me. Discovered your blog when I visited Kata Kama's. Fascinated by your writing skills. By the way, which part of Alok Stark?

  5. Oh my God, you think I am years younger? hehe, i read that you've just turned 40. Kak Teh seangkatan Puteri. Dulu dok di Lorong ayer puteh. sekolah convent and then SAHC. la ni only my eldest sister dok edah, di bukit pinang. mak di Bangi.

    You kenai Naz di Norway dia pun dr alork stark, nanti i nak perkenai kat dia - riuh habih!

  6. Where in the world did you read that I just turned 40? Please read the last paragraph to that entry. Wah, your loghat Kedah masih power lagi. I tak berapa nak tau selok belok Kedah. La ni baru nak tau sikit-sikit. I was born in Kedah dan bred in KL and Perak. Bila dah pencen baru teringat nak balik kampung.

  7. Salam, hehe! yes, I read that again. And I have done my maths. Okay, I dont mind kalau you panggil i kak teh pun. Everyone does. My loghat kedah masih power. You belum dengark Naz dengan anak2 dia. Husband dia pun pekat juga.

    It is nice to be ale to retire in the kampong and I am sure you are enjoying it.

  8. kak teh,
    ,,,Siti, she was from class 1969 and left school 40 years ago, so go figure her age ?. hihihi same age as my wife Bib, also same school with you but as your sister's class mate. We met in London many moons ago too !!. but i don't think you would remember, it was a long time ago in an airshow plus at m'sia hall.

  9. Hello Capt.,
    Never knew you and Kak Teh are pals. Small world. Kak Teh, you have to thank Capt. Longhouse for helping you out with the maths.

  10. Salam Pn. Siti Roffini
    Mohon izin singgah. I do agree with you that Malaysia should do more to prevent the spread of H1N1. Practice of medicine is certainly not just curative, but also preventive in nature. It looks like we have to be malu a bit (or malu banyak) to Cambodia.

  11. Welcome Temuk. Glad that we share the same opinion on H1N1. Personally I think Malaysia is very laid back and complacent on everything until it gets blown out of proportion. Lepas tu baru kelam kabut.