Saturday, April 24, 2010

Magic Potions

I just saw this advert on TV and thought it would be interesting to write something about it. The product advertised is a locally produced slimming formula which is fast gaining popularity up here in the northern region of peninsular Malaysia.I don't know whether it has caught up in other parts of the country but going by the aggressive promotion, I think it wont be long before it becomes a household name.

It is common knowledge that these local products usually don't last very long in the market. They enjoy a sudden rapid rise to stardom only to suffer a humiliating downfall just as fast.  I think the reason for this very short reign lies in the attitude of us, Malaysians. We are easily swayed into trying out something new and will not hesitate to discard the old one in the hope that this new one would prove  more effective. Product loyalty obviously takes a back seat, inspite of its proven efficacy. I guess it's good in the sense that, we always aspire to achieve perfection and excellence in health, in beauty, whatever.

It is this very attitude that prompted many entrepreneur wannabes whose ultimate goal is to become millionaires, to venture into business. Products are hastily launched and promoted aggressively nationwide, with testimonials to convince (or is it connive) the ever trusting Malaysians. Soon, everybody is making a beeline to get this new product until such a time when another enterprising wannabe decides that he, too, wants a piece of the cake and hey presto! a new product is born. And the cycle goes round and round and round spinning us to greater heights of confusion.

I wonder whether these products have undergone the required R&D. Many claim that they conform to the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry Of Health and then suddenly you see them making headlines. Apparently, these so-called effective formulae are  heavily laden with forbidden chemicals and steroids! Malaysians are nevertheless, shocked by this revelation but alas, only for a short while before they continue with their uncontrollable addiction.

I was once addicted to all these products because the results were incredibly instantaneous and almost magical. Not once did it ever occur to me that such magic potions are extremely dangerous. I have fallen prey, not once, not twice but many times. I dread to imagine the level of toxicity in my body. I always learn things the hard way but I think it's good because learning the hard way cuts a deeper wound, hence preventing me from getting hooked on it ever again. InsyaAllah.

Whom do we blame in this issue, the producers or the consumers? Or both? In fact, I am surrounded by all these "producers" in my taman here in Jitra. I shall write about their rise to fame and fortune and then their sad downfall in my next posting, perhaps, no names mentioned, of course!. I don't want to be sued!!!

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