Friday, September 17, 2010

Raya 2010

Started my puasa enam  six days after the Raya.  Raya this year is pretty much the same as those celebrated before.

Visited the graves of Dad, grandparents,an uncle and  two cousins at the Tanah Perkuburan Akar Peluru , Alor Setar on the eve of the Raya. That's mum reciting the doa for her loved ones.

Then proceeded to Tanah Perkuburan Al-Bukhary, Alor Setar where an uncle and a cousin were laid to rest .

Also visited The Royal Mausoleum at Langgar where an aunt (Mum's elder sister) was laid to rest last year. She was the consort of the late Tunku Mohd. Jewa Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid. Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures because cameras are not allowed here.

My first guests on the morning of the Raya were Ayah Teh (Mum's younger brother) and his entourage. Ayah Teh and wife, Tunku Maryam (aka Mak Teh) came with their son Saiful and five grandchildren. Also in Ayah Teh's entourage were  nephew Dazran and his Filipino bride, Michelle.  (L to R, Tunku Maryam, yours truly, Dazran, Mum, Michelle and Ayah Teh. The 5 little ones are Ayah Teh's grandchuldren)

Open House at Abang Tad's on the 3rd Raya. Abang Tad is xnuripilot's golf mate. Abang Tad, Kak Kiah (facing the camera) and me .

That's me tucking into the cold and sweet lychee kang quite oblivious of the crowd !!

Six days after the Raya, Mum's raya cookies which were filled to the brim have receeded noticeably. Mum's cookies may appear plain and simple but they taste heavenly.

Had to put the puasa enam on hold because cousin Baizury insisted that we come over for her open house. Mum and I struck a pose before the  ride to Baizury's.

Posing for the camera from left to right, xnuripilot, me, Mum, mum's sister (Baizury's mother), Baizury's father and Baizury's son.

Baizury standing at the far end with son and husband.

This picture is added specially for "Uncle who was in Yokohama years ago."
That's Saiful at the extreme right.


  1. wow.. some of your family members are royalties eh?

    plain-looking homemade cookies always taste better that the colorful industrial ones!

  2. salam room-mate...

    i still remember your mom's used to leave it 'there' for me...:))) taste great, really!

  3. Hi Dieya,
    Only two got hooked by royalty. So, tumpang sekaki lah. Hehehe!

  4. Hi room-mate,
    The cookies remain unchanged all these years, both in shape and taste.

  5. La lepas raya enam baru keluaq cerita.. Ayah Wang tak keluaq cerita raya.. penat makan.. ha..ha..

  6. En. Wan,
    Jangan terlebih makan dah la, tapi I pun sama juga. Lupa diri asyik dok makan.

  7. Salam to you.
    What a small world....Tunku Maryam, Ayah Teh, Saiful....OMG...met them in yokohama years ago and saiful was my junior in suisse...lovely family!!!!

  8. Salam Uncle,
    Small world it is indeed!! Yes, they were in Yokohama for 12 years, I think. Was it you that Saiful visited when he was in Langkawi some time ago? I have added another picture in the same posting, this time with Saiful in it for your benefit.

  9. Thanks....for the addition. I'll call aunty (Tunku Maryam) and Uncle when I go back to KL....