Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Aftermath of Syawal.

At last I completed my puasa enam yesterday, together with mum and xnuripilot.  If I remember correctly this is the first time we took so long to complete the 6 days of fasting, mostly to accomodate xnuripilot's hectic schedule of golf and more golf plus a few open house invitations.

Despite the 36 days of fasting, I have put on a bit of weight. I guess this is a common phenomenon among Muslims everytime Syawal makes its appearance. What a waste! After a complete detoxification period of one month during Ramadhan, we gorge on everything within sight. How else do we explain  the immediate weight increase so soon after fasting.

I console myself by telling that everything would be back to normal, weightwise that is, once Syawal is over or the raya cookies exhausted, whichever comes first. But, wouldn't this be a bit too late to get back my pre- Ramadhan weight of 48kg. Through experience it is easier to shed off the unwanted kilos before they turn to muscles, or in my case, flabs of fats. It would be disastrous to allow the excess weight to cling on to you for too long. The longer it's stuck, the longer it takes to take it all off. So, I have to act fast.

But. it is easier said than done.

Call me vain if you want to, but the truth is, I feel good when I'm lighter. Besides, it's not cheap to have a new set of wardrobe for the new shape and size!!!

Something has gone very, very wrong. Usually, I am rather strong-willed but this time I don't seem to be able to remain that way.

Sadly, this is a lone battle. I know I would not get much support from all the people that I know. Most would say that I am overly conscious and that I look much better this way but no amount of praise would sway me on to their side.

Guess you're wondering what my weight is that's causing me so much distress. I choose not to reveal just yet. Suffice to say that it's not an uphill battle. I think I can achieve my goal within a month at the very latest, Insya Allah and then only will I reveal the weight.


  1. Salam Siti,
    That's the way to go..
    do what is important to you..
    not what others think is important to you..
    you will get there InsyaAllah..

  2. Siti,
    You go girl.Hope you get that kg ASAP.Dont let others sway you from your goal.
    Depa jealous lah sbb badan dah bertimbun lemak tepu kat tempat yg tak sepatutnya.Me included.Tapi masih tak kisah. hehe.

  3. En. Wan,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  4. Dear Mokja,
    Tak tau lah apa yang dok main dalam fikiran depa. May be they are sincere in their assessment of me but it's not easy to convince this stubborn old woman. Hehehe!