Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Back!

After taking a long break, it feels good to be back. But, I must admit after the long rest, it requires quite a bit of willpower to start this all over again. I have no particular excuse for my absence. Well, may be there is one....LAZY.

It's been raining non-stop these past two days here in Jitra. After the mini tornado which spiralled through  Kangar a few days ago, the rain came. The long dry spell has come to an end, as it always does every year at about this time.

Talking about tornadoes, believe me, they are not only restricted to the U.S.A!! I had seen one about five years ago here in Jitra. It  was exactly like those we often see on TV. I was in school when it happened and  I remember the whole school came out to the balcony to witness the phenomenon. Ironically, we did not rush into the classes for shelter!! We were so awestruck by the spectacle that we forgot about our safety. Some of my colleagues started reciting verses from the Quran; some were scared to death while others seemed to enjoy seeing the thing in real life. But one thing is for sure, we forgot to take pictures of it. I think it was a first time experience for all of us otherwise there wouldn't have been such a commotion.

We were lucky it spiralled away from us. All of us stood there transfixed until it disappeared from sight. I think the vast expanse of padi field surrounding the school made it possible for us to witness it that morning. If they were to srtike in areas which are not so open, then probably they would have gone visually unnoticed leaving only immense destruction along the way as proof of their existence.  

Lately, we have been having tremors here in Malaysia and now tornadoes. Is Malysia, which was once thought to be free from all these natural disasters slowly mimicking the other countries which are often ravaged by earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, ecetra, ecetra? Only time will tell.  


  1. welcome back,'s hoping for lots of interesting reads from you..

  2. As for taking break from blogging.. you are not the only guilty party..
    Malaysia may be mimicking the other countries which are often ravaged by earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etcetera... May Allah forbid that..
    It is possible ..since human being has ravaged the earth so much so as to reach a point of no return.. then religiously may be we have not been doing what we as His Caliphs should be doing.. His warnings.. punishments..

  3. welcome back aunty siti! i miss you!!!

    p.s.: how's the book going on?

  4. At this moment,some parts of Perlis is submerged in flood. Minta minta tak lah kena kawasan kami.Suspens ni.Katanya pintu Timah Tasoh kena buka. Ada tempat dah kena evacuate.Roads inaccessible to light vehicles.

  5. Welcome back Cikgu, good to be honest but Cikgu must not opening declared they r lazy, what would the kids think then....hahaha.

    Yes, good old mother Earth is feeling the strain too as we begin to notice the frequency of these natural disaster setting in to become a more common occurrence & I must admit it's really frightening :((

  6. feels great to finally have an update from you.

    of late, places that are thought to be safe from natural disasters had been hit. seems like mother earth's revenge for the damages done by earthlings

  7. Siti welcome back. All the happening in Malaysia is part of globalization. So just be prepared about all the eventualities.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Hi Siti Roffini, I remember Jitra up North very well after all the years. As well of when there was a curfew back in the early '80s, beginning from Grik all the way the East West H'way to Jeli.
    I guess the place must have changed a lot since.

    But to read of tornados? There in Malaysia? That is something new and yes, we see these mostly in the States, Typhoons more in Taiwan and HK....hard to believe Malaysia experiencing tornados.
    Glad you are okay.

    Have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

  9. Salam Puteri,
    I think I have rested enough. Hope to be more consistent from now on. Hehehe.

  10. Wan Sharif,
    I do agree with you that human beings are sometimes cruel to the Earth in their greed to squeeze out everything without giving anything in return. But, I think now we are slowly being coaxed into saving the Earth.

  11. Hi Dieya,
    Miss you, too! The book has gone through the initial stages prior to being published. xnuripilot is extremely excited about it.

  12. Dear Mokja,
    I really hope you are not affected by the flood. It's very bad in Jitra.

  13. Tommy,
    I know 'Lazy' is a very negative connotation and should be avoided at all costs especially from a teacher. But, I am no longer a teacher, so it's quite ok lah. Hehehe!

  14. Hi noir,
    I thought you're now busy with your new 9 to 5 job. I don't see any signs of you slowing down from blogging. Wish I could be like you.

  15. Pak Idrus,
    Globalisation. Yes, a big word with a bigger hidden danger which we, humans, seem to be taking for granted. It is no wonder that we are punished for our carelessness!

  16. Uncle Lee,
    Honestly, I don't know whether they are really tornadoes BUT they sure look like those on TV! The one that I saw was very high. It went swishing and swirling like a floating giant whirlpool, narrow at the bottom and broad at the top almost like a giant gyrating funnel. I couldn't believe my eyes. If someone were to tell me that they had seen one before that particular incident, I would find it hard to believe myself! Seeing is believing.