Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elementary,Watson, Elementary!!

Some of you may wonder why I have not posted anything since February 20. I try to post something every two days. Actually, I had an article ready as scheduled but my dear husband insisted that I send the article to NST (New Straits Times) first before posting it. My husband thinks I am a good writer. Bless him! Frankly, I don't possess any literary skill or expertise to give me the cofidence to try my luck, but I must admit I am quite thrilled by his proposition. I am still deliberating whether or not to send the article entitled "High Performance Schools". May be I will send. Who knows, I may be on my way to stardom, just like J.K.Rowling, the author of Harry Porter!! I know you are all smiling. So am I. Sometimes I get carried away. Forgive me.

I try to discipline myself to post an article every two days as stated earlier. I don't want retirement to prevent me from interacting with the outside world, though I realise there are not many out there who read my blog. Nevertheless, the few virtual friends that I know occasionally visit my blog, helps  tremendously in  maintaining my sanity and personality.

Both my husband and I have not stopped marvelling at the many wonders modern technology has to offer especially the IT world. Every day we stumble upon something new while blogging. In most cases, we just ignore the new discoveries that cross our paths and proceed whole heartedly with our blog. Between the two of us, I am a little bit more adventurous. Sometimes I am curious to find out what the "new discovery" has to offer to enhance my IT knowledge. I cannot say the same of my husband. He is not willing to spend a few extra minutes to explore. He is very, very mechanical and every slight deviation from what he is used to, would see him shouting for help with alarm written all over his face. If there is anything he is really scared of, it is the fear of losing the contents of his blog!! I must relate what happened yesterday.

Yesterday I drove to Alor Star town to do do some errands and came back home about 12.30 in the afternoon. Usually, he would not be back from his round of golf at this time. However, I saw his car was already parked in the garage when I arrived. On entering the house, I was a bit surprised that he was reading the papers in the family area instead of scrutinising his blog for comments in the study room as he would normally do at that time. The answer to my question came the moment he saw me. "There's something wrong with my blog", he started. OK, so that explains why he was not in the study room!! Sensing that I was feeling hot and tired and certainly not in a helping mood, he approached the issue more diplomatically "I'll try again after lunch", he offered. OK, alright, I got the message loud and clear. What he meant was, "You have to fix my blog". After almost 40 years of marraige, I know how to decipher the underlying meaning of his  phrase and statement. "Elementary, Watson, elementary" quoting Sherlock Holmes to his assistant. Incidentally, my dear husband thinks I fit perfectly into the role of Watson while he takes centre stage as Sherlock Holmes every time we try to solve a puzzling issue!!!

So, after lunch, Watson obliged and started to investigate the snag while the high and mighty Sherlock Holmes loomed majestically at the back. Well, what do you expect. Watson will always be Watson. However, this female version of Watson is not one to give up easily. Sherlock Holmes was pacing up and down tirelessly and kept on muttering that now he was in REAL TROUBLE. I felt quite sorry for him. Every time he clicked the image icon to upload an image, it said "ERROR". After toiling at it for 2 solid hours, Watson was finally successful in fixing the problem. Phew! What a relief! It was totally done the Watson way, of course, purely by trial and error. Who cares!! Sherlock Holmes was not in the room when the problem was fixed, apparently resigned to the fact that Watson was not of much help.

When I told my dear husband that I had put everything back together again, he was overjoyed. You know what he said?  He said  "You're smart" and to which I retorted  "Never under estimate your Watson!"


  1. hihihi,

    ,,,well done, both of you were made for each other for life !.

  2. May be we are made for each other but sometimes it makes me angry having to be Watson all the time. Occasionally I want to be Sherlock Holmes, too! Nice of you to drop by again.

  3. ,,,hahaha !! you can be the "she locks the home" if he comes back too late from golf ?.

    ,,,been busy with the new season-lah.