Saturday, February 6, 2010

Money Matters

I get very annoyed when I hear some of my Muslim friends boldly and arrogantly announce for the whole world to know that their salaries are theirs alone. They are not willing to share whatever they earn with their husbands. SAD, WEIRD, CALCULATIVE and utterly STINGY. You profess your undying love for that man and yet when it comes to money......SORRY. WHAT'S MINE IS MINE ALONE. And of course, the ever popular cliche "Your money is mine and my money is mine " is a clear indication that there is definitely an area where love is not able to reach out.

According to this group,it is in the teachings of Islam, that husbands should provide for EVERYTHING. Yes, I absolutely agree but  have they forgotten that Islam also makes it very clear that a wife will be immensely rewarded if she shares out the financial burden with her husband. I dare to challenge that there is nowhere in Islam which forbids a wife from helping her husband financially.

Some husbands do not grumble on this financial arrangement. Good. These wives must thank their lucky stars for having landed such an understanding, accomadating and obliging partners. But, what about those who are not able to cope with the demands of the their unthoughtful, inconsiderate, conniving, scheming and manipulative wives? Out of desperation, they may ultimately resort to the inevitable - getting some financial assistance from the vicious and unforgiving alongs - all because of their wives selfihness and unwillingness to share her money.

I have made my stand loud and clear regarding this issue.To this extremely fanatical religious group, remember " If thou aint granted permission by thy husband to pursue a career, how in heaven's name art thou able to earn thy own money". (This is not a verse from the Quran, merely my Shakespearan influence. I did a bit of English literature those days in school. Glad that it comes in handy now) Is it not true? Islam entails that a wife should seek the husband's permission first before embarking on a career. If he says no, then you, as a good Muslim wife should obey and remain at home with no money of your own to gloat over!!!

I know  many are wondering whether I practice what I preach. Would you believe if I say that I don't even know how to use the ATM machine, I don't know my pin number, I don't know where my ATM card is or everything else associated with the management of my money. Now, if that is not a good Muslim wife vowing eternal love for her husband, I honestly don't know what is!! But, I am blessed with a good and honest husband now and for always, I hope. InsyaAllah. My dear husband handles all our financial expenses utilising both our incomes. The little surplus that we have is wisely invested in our savings in ASB. Syukur  Alhamdullilah.

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