Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Secret Formula

As promised, I will let you in on how I shed off all those unwanted kilos. When I was approaching retirement in 2008, one of my greatest worries was how to continue staying trim. My weight then was 49kg and I thought all the running around like climbing the stairs, extra classes, co-curricular activities, house practices, etc, etc, etc. contributed significantly towards my efforts in keeping all the unwanted kilos at bay. Based on this assumption, I tried to figure out a way to keep myself equally busy to maintain my 49kg after retirement.

My husband suggested that I join him on his daily round of golf. Sorry, I was not prepared both physically and mentally to embrace this sun drenched activity!! He then suggested that I write - blogging was completely unknown to him at that time. Again, I was not interested. Me....a writer? Impossible. Outrageous. I didn't have the skill nor the penchant for writing. The last time I wrote was a composition during my school days!!

My retirement came and I was still contemplating on what to do. Finally, I gave up and just carry on with my daily chores and commitments. Yes, I know. EXTREMELY BORING. But, I made an astounding discovery - instead of putting on weight, my weight went down to 48kg!! WOW! FANTASTIC! JUBILANT

Before I list down my daily chores and commitments, I think it would be useful for all to know that I do not have a maid to help me around the house. My elderly mother is dead set against employing a maid. I used to have a string of maids and every single one did not measure up to her expectations. I tend to agree with her for they were more of a nuisance than of much help to us. But this did not deter me from persuading her to give another try. We ended up quarelling, so I gave up. My intentions were noble - I didn't want her do all the housework at her age but there was no way I could talk her into seeing it my way. I am not an inconsiderate daughter. I tried, but failed misearably.

I am a morning person, a VERY morning person. I wake up as early as 5 every morning, sometimes 4.30. I will start off by doing a combination of simple stretching exercises and my version of the yoga for about 30 minutes, never longer. I feel very much rejuvenated after this session. I don't know whether this helps to burn off calories, but I will NEVER omit this from my daily "weight control regime". Well, that is about all the exercises that I do. The rest are all household chores, chores and chores. My mum initially refused to let me help with the chores. I am an only child and believe it or not, I am perpetually "her little girl" even at this ripe old age!! But arthritis has slowed her down and I managed to convince her that "her little girl" is as capable as she is. The only area which is still out of bounds for me is the kitchen. She thinks I'm a lousy cook. I tried telling her many times that I am quite a good cook. I told her that I once cooked laksa Penang in less than 10 minutes. Of course she dismissed this as utter nonsense. But, it's the truth.

All the sweeping, washing of clothes (my mum does not believe in washing machines), ironing, watering of plants, cleaning the compound , etc, etc, etc are shared out between my mother and I. Feeding my cat, Tuah and 6 stray cats twice daily is my domain. All these activities will keep me busy until about 11a.m. with a short break of about 30 minutes for breakfast. So, I "work-out" a total of 6 hours non-stop EVERYDAY. These seemingly mundane chores are very effective in burning off the unwanted calories. You have to try it to believe it.

So, I am not a lady of leisure. There are no expensive gyms or professional instructors to help with my weight management. I do it my way. For me, it is killing two birds with one stone - burning off calories and at the same time keeping my house clean and orderly. I don't have Marilyn Monroe's hour-glass figure but enough to make many others my age go green with envy!!

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