Thursday, February 4, 2010

Market Strategies 2

Guess what. This morning,while making my rounds at the Jitra market for some fresh vegetables, I was once again pleasantly jolted by a remark from the same girl who sells the salted fish.(Who else if not this cunning little lass). She hollered me from her stall and on hearing Kak ......., I walked over to where she was, as if hypnotised. She wanted to show me her fresh stock of salted fish but I told her I still have a lot more in the house. She was quite satisfied with my answer. I just bought some from her two days ago for my salted fish curry.

Then as I was about to turn and leave her stall, she tactfully asked "Macam mana Kak ........ maintain langsing sangat?" WOW! FANTASTIC! I forgot all about  her strategies and tactics. I was so overwhelmed by this compliment that for a second, I felt like Victoria Beckham!!! (Sorry guys, your guess is wrong. Victoria Beckham is not the celebrity she associated me with). I was speechless for a few seconds. Judging by the huge and mischievous grin on her face, I guess she sensed that I was experiencing this uncontrollable pleasure initiated by her, of course.

After regaining my sanity, I realised that she was not really keen on getting an answer from me. This was her way of ensuring that I only buy salted fish from her and only her alone. May be she felt that my interest in her salted fish was beginning to wane, so she had to act fast to ensure that I don't stray away. Frankly her price is quite exorbitant but what the heck. For a moment in time, I felt like being in Seventh Heaven!!!!

I think, this time she did not exaggerate about my figure. I am proud to announce that my weight is 48 kg and my height is 160cm (5' 2"). Well, nowhere near the extremely skinny Victoria Beckham but at my age, it is an achievement worth mentioning.  May be I will let you in on some useful tips on how to get and maintain this svelte figure in my future postings. Be on the look-out.


  1. ,,,hehehe very true, Datin Siti Nurhaliza and no more comments !

    ,,,salam dihulur hahaha good write-up indeed.

  2. Sorry Capt., your guess is wrong. Try again.

  3. ,,,hahha but i got the name SITI right !...not that $$$mah i hope ?. or better known as mdm Piggy from nogori 9 !!. scary 1 lady indeed.

  4. No SITI anywhere.Sorry again, Capt!

    Looks like you're better off pirating than playing this guessing game.

    About the lady. never in a million years!!!!

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