Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Bladder Blunder

Looks like my self-disclpline has crumbled once again. It has been a week since my last posting. Well, I was quite busy these last few days. May be I should not be so tough on myself. After all, there is no deadline to meet, no boss to answer to. 

Two days ago I was at Tesco Alor Setar. Before I started shopping, I felt the need to empty my bladder. So, I made my way to the ladies and was relieved to discover there was no one there. I was making my way to the end most cubicle when I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I did not bother to look knowing that some one had just entered and apparently for the same reason I was there. When I was just about to touch the knob to the cubicle, this huge woman in a green T-shirt and grey shorts made a dash for the same cubicle, almost knocking me down with her huge body, pulling a child of about 6 years along with her!! Both mother and daughter disappeared inside the cubicle. Though I was fuming with rage, I opted not to go to the other cubicles but to wait for the woman to come out. "My bladder can wait, I have to teach this woman a lesson", I told myself.

They were inside for a full 7 minutes. With a bladder that was about to give way, this seemed like eternity. But, I was determined to confront her the moment she stepped out. Finally, I heard the creaking of the door and she appeared before me, without any feelings of guilt or shame. If looks could kill, I think the look that I gave her would have killed her instantaneously. But, she seemed unperturbed by my accusing stare. Her body language seemed to shout "I'm not not in the least bit bothered". SUCH BLATANT RUDENESS! I was shocked and stunned that anyone could appear so unashamed after exhibiting such degrading behaviour. I was extremely furious  but I kept my temper under control.

I would willingly allow her to go in first had she decided to politely ask for it. I am fully aware that a huge woman like her obviously has a huge bladder to match. I just don't understand why she had to resort to such extreme rudeness just to get the same cubicle I had chosen first when there were many other vacant ones. And I thought we, Malaysians, are a civilized lot.


  1. ...hehehe! its not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.
    ,,,sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.

    ,,,yaa, the pain passes, but the beauty remains. Even grief is itself a medicine.

  2. I guess you are right, Capt. But one thing is for sure, no sinks for me, please........!

  3. Aslm wrt, Kak Siti (hope you don't mind me addressing you as such)

    I read that you went to TMGS for your education (http://www.smkevii.edu.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=285:my-fond-memories-of-my-alma-mater-king-edward-vii&catid=40:maklumat-sekolah)

    If the information I read is correct, I hope you will take some time to read the blogs below.



    tq in adv

    odi aka radiah yusoff
    (class of 1981, TMGS)

  4. Dear Radiah,
    I have visited your blog ,and found it interesting. Except for the school, I thought we don't have anything in common to share until I saw Mrs. Choong and Miss Satwant Kaur. Well, since they were your teachers too, I am not that old after all!!!!!