Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Of Cats And Dogs

Yesterday I saw something which kept me thinking about it the whole day. At about 7.45 a.m. I saw a  brown, medium-sized dog chasing a motor-cyclist. There are not many stray dogs in my area, so the chasing game was a bit peculiar, I thought. Anyway, as I was about to turn away and continue with my chores, I saw the game was now reversed - the motor-cyclist was chasing the dog now. I saw him throwing a big stone at the poor dog. The poor dog dashed off and then when the motor-cyclist was satisfied that the dog had fled, he made a U-turn and and sped off at top speed  but not without throwing an accusing glance at me when he passed by my house. I was still trying to make out what the drama was all about. The "watson" in me was fast investigating mentally. "Who is chasing who" kept on playing in my mind. I was about to dismiss the episode when I saw the same dog sprinting madly in front of my house and following the same trail left by the motor-cyclist. last I was able to solve the mystery. It suddenly dawned on me that the victim was the dog and the culprit was the motor-cyclist. No wonder the motor-cyclist appeared just a wee bit guilty, I thought.

I will now unveil the truth of the whole drama. I am quite confident that I have solved the mystery! The story goes like this..........

Once upon a time a small brown puppy was living happily in this household. He was cute and adorable and provided some entertainment for the whole family. Unfortunately, their love for him was short-lived. It dwindled as rapidly as he was growing. Every small mischief was translated as a crime and punishment was exercised without any feelings of guilt. The poor dog had no choice, this was his home. He had nowhere else to go no matter how cruel and nasty his master was. Early one morning, his master gave him a fairly decent breakfast. His eyes lighted up, not because of the breakfast but because he thought his master had a change of heart. His master was feeling remorseful for treating him so badly, he decided confidently. This was his master's way of showing that he had repented. But,at the same time, he sensed that something was not quite right. Why was his master waiting so impatiently while he was  enjoying the breakfast which was deprived of him for so long. Before he could provide an answer to that, he was snatched up roughly and hastily put inside a box just enough to hold his small body. He was really scared but there was nothing he could do. He was taken for a ride on a motor bike to Darulaman Heights. When they reached a rather secluded part of the residential area, his master lifted him out of the box and dumped him unceremoniously to the ground. He looked up questioningly at his master but the devilish man quickly rode off. The poor dog. put up a chase pleading hopelessly for his master not to abandon him. It was at this time that I appeared on the scene. He managed to catch up with the devil but the devil picked up a big stone and started chasing him ruthlessly. He threw the stone but it missed the dog and landed under my palm tree. The devil then made a U-turn and then disappeared from sight. Minutes later the poor dog retraced the devil's trail and he, too, vanished from my sight.

I hate to think what happen to the poor dog. There are human beings out there who are so cruel and heartless. In the drama that I have just related, the REAL BEAST is actually the dog's master. Is it too much to sacrifice a bit of your time for these unfortunate animals.I have seen many who only want kittens as pets. Once these kittens are fully grown and are no longer cute and cuddly, and starting to mate, they are discarded  as garbage. Aren't they aware that these animals also have feelings - just like them. Correction - some people don't have feelings. I have seen many who claim to be very pious and religious but when a hungry and dirty stray cat approaches them for food, they just shoo off the poor thing, sometimes using their legs.Come on, don't hide your evil deeds behind that religious facade!! DESPICABLE HYPOCRITES!!


  1. ,,,i hope someone will provide a new home to that poor dog !.
    ,,,i have Jane my bitch on the island as my best friend. she takes good care of the place and very protective of me from others too, unless i tell her to sit or stay, you better don't run away from her !. hehehe

  2. Dear Capt.

    Glad to know that Jane is keeping you company. Bib will have less to worry. Jane is very lucky to have found such a good home. God bless you and all the other animal lovers.