Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chasing A Dream

Sometimes I wonder why my husband is so obsessed in his endeavour to glorify all those who perished in the helicopter tragedy of 1976. Personally, I have nothing against his continuous and tireless efforts to immortalise these heroes, though I must admit to feeling a bit annoyed by this seemingly hopeless quest for recognition. He is willing to go to great lengths to pursue his dream with such enthusiasm and earnestness that bewilders me. I can't help questioning myself over and over again how will all these benefit him. It is a bit strange to me that anyone can be so consumed with an enormous desire to resurrect the sad tragedy for the sole purpose of instilling patriotism amongst fellow Malaysians!! Bias aside, I feel I should credit him for this noble trait though I find it difficult to comprehend.

I don't think my husband has any ulterior motives. Prior to this 1976 obsession, he was engrossed in getting the government to give monetary incentives to the gallantry award recipients of PTU, JPP and KPK. Up to this day, I believe, the fight is still on-going but I notice a marked decrease in interest. He has lost the zest and fervour that were conspicously characteristic of him when he first started out on the project. I think he has finally come to terms with the government's policy of giving priority to those who bring fame to the nation instead of those who die for the nation!!. Fighting and dying for the nation to protect its sovereignity and integrity is secondary in nature, judging by the illogical reasons given by various quaters to support their claims for not granting the incentives requested by a retired Major. Had it been a full-fledged 4 star general, I think the situation would have ended positively in favour of the general, a long, long time ago.

Now, coming back to the 1976 tragedy, all that my husband is trying to do is just to get the relevant parties to document it, in whatever form deemed appropriate. Unlike the fight for the monetary incentives described above, of which he was a PTU recipient, my husband was not directly involved in the 1976 tragedy. The question of him seeking cheap publicity by trying to highlight the incident can be safely ruled out. His primary objective is to make Malaysians aware of the roles played by the Air Force, particularly, the helicopter crew in the fight against the communists. The roles played by the army are often portrayed in documentary and feature films and therefore need no further publicity. The Air Force is always boasting of its aerial supremacy by displaying all the fighter aircraft in its fleet. The fighters are obviously their pride. So proud are they of these fighters that the others are not given the credit that they deserve!! This is strictly my opinion after making several random observations. Hence, my husband's efforts in trying to get the relevant parties to highlight and document the dangers faced by the helicopter crew in the war against the communists are profoundly justified.

Unfortunately, his aspirations, perseverance, persistence and sincerity were met with luke-warm response from most quarters, even more so from the Air Force, itself. What a pity!! All the painstaking efforts in trying to convince people in authourity to accept his proposal were often dismissed as insignificant, unnecessary and irrelevant! But, he is not one to give up easily. So far, he has received two positive responses. Arkib Negara has promised to document the historical episode in their "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah" sequel this coming 26 April. Filem Negara has also shown interest to produce a documentary on the tragedy.

Well, dear, I admire your determination and grit in getting the relevant authourities to document the 1976 incident for the benefit of future generations. I forsee a long and tedious struggle ahead of you but do not give up. Do not be intimidated by the uncompromising and selfish attitudes displayed by people who have the authourity and power to execute your noble requests but are reluctant and unwilling to extend a helping hand.

Keep on chasing your dream.

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