Friday, March 26, 2010

The Class Of 1969

Comments are an integral part of blogging. A blog without comments is like a cake minus the icing. It serves the purpose but it lacks the catalyst to keep you going. I think  all bloggers look forward to see some comments after every posting and I am no exception. It takes an enormous amount of  discipline, patience and willpower to carry on blogging when there are no comments to spur you on.

Yesterday, I had a pleasant surprise when I noticed I had a comment from someone who went to the same school as I did. I had never met her while schooling for she was 11 years my junior but, nevertheless, I felt strangely connected and bonded. The fact that we once shared the same school and the same teachers touched my very soul. Suddenly, images of friends and teachers whom I have not met since the day I left school, some 40 years ago, kept flashing in my mind. The images were so vivid and real that it seemed like only yesterday I bade farewell to Treacher Methodist Girls School (TMGS). How time flies!

Prior to writing this article, I did some homework. I visited TMGS official website and Facebook but I could not find any of my friends from the class of 69 anywhere. Well, it was quite disappointing but my spirits were not dampened by the absence of familiar faces. We were from an era when mobile phones, and computers were non-existent. Our means of communication were restricted to writing letters and talking  over the phone. It was not easy to remain connected for 40 years under such circumstances. But as they say, it's never too late. I am optimistic that my friends from the class of 69 will soon make a grand entrance either on Facebook or Twitter or some TMGS related websites.

The class photograph above was taken in 1967 when we were in Form 3A.


  1. Siti,

    ,,,my class of XTI68 (Technical Institute Penang)is still actively in contact via e-mail plus now meeting at our children's wedding !. One thing for sure, except for their belly, they never changed ! still the same fellow hehehe. indeed, most interesting to meet again with each other after 40 odd years.
    ,,,guess, its not the same with ex-service officers ?. they do change !! but why yaa ??.

  2. Hi Capt.,
    Basically, I think, we are the same no matter how old we are, except for the pot belly, of course. Never mind, so long as we are healthy and happy, physical attributes are of no importance any more. I am in no position to comment on the ex-service officers BUT some of their wives whom I knew way back in the 70's and 80's were not as friendly. Most are Datins now. It's OK, I'm a "Datin",too. You know what I mean, don't you?

  3. ,,,well, well well out of sight out of mind ! and the very reason your hubby is still fighting for those that gave their lives for king and country !.
    ,,,i have recently met some of my existing serving-service officers and am not impressed with them in general, in fact they are all "Generals" in rank etc but still have not really changed in status and maturity, perhaps my expectation is just too bloody high !.
    ,,,their lack of general knowledge is indeed shocking. They somehow don't radiate a good image of the existing Armed Forces as we are used to. eeerrmmm !! The spirit is somehow missing yaa....adoi !!

  4. It's always a pleasure to get a comment, especially from a complete stranger who just love to read your blog for no reason at all, isn't it?

    Having said that - Hi Mdm/Kak/Auntie Siti! I'm not sure how I should address you (since you graduated high school in 1969 I guess you're about my mum's age) so I've put all the possible options, let me know which one you prefer ;-)

    I've been your silent reader for about a month or so. Stumbled on your husband's blog while finding info on Kem Sg. Udang (Google led me to his old entry about his experience training with commandos way back when). His blog led me to yours. Next thing I know both blogs are on my favorites.

    Just want you to know, even if your entries get no comment, that doesn't mean no one's reading. I for one love reading your blog. So keep on writing, looking forward to more entries from you!

    P.S. I have an award for you, get it at my blog :-)

  5. Hi Capt.,
    Showed my husband your comments and his remarks were "I tend to agree with Capt. Shariff". What more can I say!

  6. Dear Dieya,
    It's nice to know that I have a silent follower. Incidentally, you can call me anything, Aunty Siti, Makcik, whatever. After all you are 30 years my junior! Thank you for giving me the encouragement to continue writing. Sometimes I wonder whether it was worth the time spent but your comments have given me the much sought after support to carry on.
    Thank you for the award.