Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clearing Up The Mess

I thought there won't be any more rain for a couple of weeks at least but it started again though  not as forceful as to trigger yet another flood, I hope. Most areas in Jitra  have dried up and judging from the mess caused by the flood, the victims are now faced with a more gruesome task of clearing up the mess. The little bit that I saw was enough to choke me and I didn't have the heart to take pictures of them trying hard to literally pick up the pieces. Most of them were engrossed in what they were doing, despair written all over their weary faces. However, there were some who just stood still gazing helplessly and blankly at the damage and the debris left by the flood. I did not want to appear inconsiderate and heartless driving around trying to record  their misery while they were toiling away. Besides, the stares that I got were enough to make me slump down as far as I could go in my seat. xnuripilot was left to deal with the questioning and occasionally hostile glances that were thrown at us as we drove past them, all by himself.

Generally speaking, life in Jitra has gone back to normal. The shops have resumed their businesses. Schools, banks and government offices and the airport have started operating again. There is not much evidence left of the disaster that had just ravaged the town except for the huge mountains of damaged furniture that were discarded outside.

The debris that got stuck to the gates of this house indicates the height of the water level in this area.

As at of this writing, this road is still littered with the debris left by the flood.

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