Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Getting Worse In Jitra!

We woke up in high spirits this morning since there had been  no rain for the past 24 hours. xnuripilot left the house at 7 a.m. for his round of golf with his buddies at the Darulaman Golf And Country Club. I was quite sure the flood was getting better until xnuripilot got home at 10.30 a.m. with more pictures of the flood shown below. Contrary to my assumption, the flood has worsened. The places which were still accessible to us yesterday are now under water! We are now marooned!!

Part of the highway to Alor Setar.

The road leading to Taman Mahsuri. We passed through this road yeasterday at 9a.m.

This is taken at the Wang Tepus-Darulaman Golf And Country Club junction. The bundles on the left are not heaps of rubbish but clothes and belongings salvaged by the flood victims.

One of the kampungs submerged by the flood.

A closer look at the same kampung.

The road leading up to Wang Tepus. Yesterday, the water was further up the road. Now, it has spilled  closer to our junction.

The entrance to Taman Mahsuri Fasa 2B.

The two guys in the water taking full advantage of the flood.....bathing and fishing !

The bridge connecting us to the surrounding areas.   If the river gets higher than the bridge, then there won't be any more pictures for my blog!!!! We will be completely cut off  from the outside world.

I am not able to take pictures of Jitra proper because there's no way of getting there from where we are.


  1. Salam Puan

    Thanks for the update. I'm going home to Tmn Jitra tomorrow with a battalion of Penang 4x4 friends who volunteered to clean my mom's house.

    We are in the process of preparing flight plan, oppsss silap, road plan to access Jitra. Your update/info is part of the planning.


  2. Salam. I was searching for pics of the flood and landed here. My father's house in Titi Gajah is under 4-5 feet of water. The family has been 'rescued' by JKR and are putting up at Seri Malaysia. Some others may not be so lucky. Dugaan besar for my parents who are leaving for the Hajj tomorrow.

    I hope you and others in Jitra will be okay.

  3. Salam Kak,
    I've spent all morning surfing for news about the flood. Then I thought of you!
    I hope you are OK, Kak Siti. Take care.

    'Am worried sick about my parents' house :(

  4. Kamal Sanusi,
    Wish I could give you more details on the current situation in Jitra town itself but we just could not get through. xnuripilot and I could only go as far as Yawata at about 6 this evening. The water has receded a little. Hope your mom could return home to Taman Jitra tomorrow.

  5. Queen Of The House,
    Sorry that your parents had to be evacuated. But the good news is that there's no more rain since yesterday. I don't get to see a lot myself since most areas are still inaccesible as at 6p.m. today.

  6. Salam Naz,
    We are ok here but many of my friends in Jitra are affected by the flood. Feel really sorry for them. I remember reading that your parent's house is in Alor Setar, but I have forgotten exactly where. I'll drive down to Alor Setar as soon as the roads are opened to traffic and furnish you with the latest updates.

  7. Siti,

    Please send my salam to xnuripilot, my old friend. FYI I met him two weeks ago but failed to get his contact no.How I wish I could talk to him- zanon 0193115240.