Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flood Updates From Jitra

The rain finally stopped at about 7 this morning. This is the first time, since we moved here 10 years ago, there was a continuous heavy downpour for a record breaking 3days and 4 nights.  The last record was 2 days and 2 nights about 5 years ago and that caused a severe flood in the Kubang Pasu district.

Yesterday, xnuripilot and I drove to Alor Setar but we did not see any signs of  the 2005 flood repeating itself . The highway was glistening wet due to the heavy rain but there was no indication of an emerging flood. I did, however, comment to xnuripilot that the padi fields on both sides of the highway were like lakes. But, then they are always that way after every heavy downpour.... no cause for alarm was my conclusion.

Our housing area is on high ground. Except for the heavy rain, everything seemed perfectly normal until we heard the evening news on TV. It was a shock to see some parts of Kubang Pasu already submerged in flood!

Heavy rain continued all night long but we were still unaware of the actual situation surrounding us until xnuripilot and I once again decided to get some fresh vegetables from the Jitra wet market this morning. We were rudely greeted by the swelling river at the entrance to our housing area.

If it starts to rain again, then the water will swell into a friends house below.

This is the back portion of the friend's house at Suasana Permai. The water is seen inching its way into her backyard.

Cars are seen parked all along the roadside. These car owners managed to drive their cars up to higher ground before their houses got submerged.

Water is seen cascading down the road from Wang Tepus at the junction into Darulaman Golf and Country Club where our house is situated.

The entrance to Taman Mahsuri Phase 4  is impassable due to the rising water.

This is the lake at the Darulaman Theme Park. Ordinarily, the road leading up to the lake can be seen from this point but  now it has been inundated by the swollen lake making it impossible to tell where the road ends and the lake begins..

This is the main road from Kepala Batas into Jitra town. The flood water has gushed into this road starting from the Yawata supermarket. Even these huge lorries had to stop.

The road leading to Tanjung Pauh is completely under water.

A scene in Taman Aman, Jitra.
xnuripilot and I had to abandon our plan of getting to the market. There was no way we could get there, anyway.  The weather has been good the whole day today. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal tomorrow.


  1. Salam Puan
    This post is so on the beat. All the pics are familiar to me. May I link it to my facebook? Take care.

  2. salam puan. t.kasih atas info ini. moga semuanya kembali pulih.

  3. Salam Puan

    Thank you for the info and photos. My mom's house in Taman Jitra was badly affected. Air paras pinggang tu...

    Hope you can update us on the latest development.

  4. GUiKP,
    Just visited your blog and guess what, I thought I saw someone resembling my cousin Mohd. Reeza Bustami, in your dad's group photo in England, in your posting of 12th June 2010.

    As for the request, permission granted.

  5. hai sis siti..come from dieya's blog..teruk kan banjir kat sana...harap2 cepat la air surut..nak2 plak dah dekat nak raya...

  6. What a small world. Reeza and I - we did "A-Levels" together-gether. He's one of the three VI boys. Thanks for the "no objection"

  7. Thanks for the photo. i have been worried sick about my sister and brother in law in Bukit Pinang. they are totally cut off now - and my sister dropped her handphone in the water - no contact. both are elderly, my nephew in penang on the way there but i believe bkt pinang is totally cut off. he has contacted the police to try and get my sister and brother in law out.

  8. Salam abu muaz,
    Terima kasih kerana melawat blog saya. Harap maklumat yang disampaikan dapat memberi sedikit panduan kepada yang memerlukan.

  9. JajaZ,
    Memang selalu nampak you dekat dieya's blog. Memang betul Raya Haji is just round the corner. Semoga air cepat surut dan semua selamat pulang ke rumah masing-masing.

  10. Salam Kak Teh,
    It's getting better all over Jitra, Bukit Pinang included.I know what it's like not getting any news from your loved ones during times like this. May be I could assist you in locating your sis and brother-in-law if you furnish me with more information of them.

  11. GUiKP,
    Small world indeed. I spoke to Reeza this morning and he told me that you were a brilliant scholar, statistics was peanuts to you!

  12. Reeza is very-very strict with halal diet, and for that I'm very thankful to him. I bet he didn't tell you the VI boys pushed me to the limit.

  13. GUiKP,
    Still is extremely particular about halal food. No he didn't tell me that they taunted you but he did say that you were still without a handphone the last time you met him. Makes it difficult for him to get in touch with you.

  14. Yes, I eschew mobile phones bcos I prefer a slower pace. Plus I'm more chatty in FB/blog/email.