Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Durians........A Continuation

The durians that I bought this morning were good. The flesh was soft, sweet, smooth and creamy. Well, I've tasted better ones before but these did not disappoint me. I have a strong feeling that I would be seeing more of the honest pakcik who sold me the durians.


  1. ohh those look so tempting! patience.. i'm fasting..

  2. Salam aunty. I think its been 5 years for me not eating durian. Gonna ask ayah to buy some :)

    ps: daughter of stories... blogger, huhu~

  3. Kuey-san,
    Are you on a special diet or something? I can't imagine anyone staying away from durians for that length of time. Do hurry before the season goes off!! Thanks for dropping by.