Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Durian Stories

I developed this habit of weighing myself first thing I wake up every morning since I was in my thirties, I think. It used to be vanity more than anything else those days but now it's more for health. I have read many times that the proper way to manage your weight is to weigh yourself once a week, not everyday but somehow I feel that one week is too long a time to bring you back to your ideal weight should you pile on those kilos within that span of time. I disagree  that the most  a person could put on within one week is just half or at the most, 1kg. I say it's all rubbish. One can easily put on 2 kilos or my be even more within that short period and trust me, losing those extras, is more often than not,. a losing battle.

It is always easier to correct the situation on a daily basis because the fluctuations are small and thus can be easily rectified. Well, so much of my theory for now. Let's get back to reality........

This morning when I weighed myself.........SHOCK! HORROR! DISGUST! .........the scale tilted at 0.5kg more than yesterday morning. I don't need experts to carry out a post mortem on this sudden increase. The culprit is none other than the durians that I bought yesterday!!!!  Well........may be not entirely the durians per se.

My mum, being a typical Kedahan that she is, decided to cook some pulut (glutinous rice) to complement the durians. Kedahans are  diehard fans of pulut...... pulut and durians, pulut and mangoes, pulut and cempedak (jackfruit family) , pulut and cendol (a dessert) and believe it or not, pulut and salted fish for breakfast!!!!!! I'm a Kedahan, too, but I think somewhere along the line, I got diluted for I don't fancy any of the above mentioned except for pulut and durians.  So, I dug into both the durians and the pulut which my mum cooked with a generous amount of very thick santan, (coconut milk) like there's no tomorrow. But, tomorrow came and it came with this warning......Go slow on the pulut and durians!!!!


  1. Haiya Cikgu, why lah so pedantic one. Trust lah your brain & body, every one of us got this inbuilt mechanism that tell us what not & what to eat. When u get urges/craving that’s when your body is telling u, we need sustenance. Sometime too u got no appetite at all despite all the goodies displayed in front of u. That’s when your body is telling u, no we don’t require food, we r right for now, betul tak?

    So all in all let’s nature take its course. Having said this, also good lah u r aware of the health aspect & the risk associated with being obese.

    Have a good weekend.



    P/S – Hmmmm I wondered. What’s this with u Kedah ladies that I find so interesting????..I meant people like u, Zah (Kak Teh), Naz, definitely not your fascination of pulut lah…….hehehe

  2. Salam Kak Siti Roffini,

    Aduiii! sedapnyaaa..pulut dengan kuah durian! :-)

  3. Tommy,
    May be you're right. Shouldn't be so harsh on myself. After all, it's only once a year. I'll go hunt for more durians tomorrow. Hehehe! you're under our spell. Kedah ladies la. Beware!!!

  4. Yan,
    Memang sedap. Lepas tu baru boleh senyum kepuasan!

  5. Siti,

    ,,,i will tell you how to reduce weight plus remain healthy !..but you must follow the routine-lah.
    ,,,just drink 1 x big bottle of mineral water, 1st thing in the morning within one sitting, habis-kan (within 5 to 10 minutes)
    ,,,eat normally but before eating anything drink another glass of water plus after eating take another glass of water !
    ,,,after 1 x week, weigh again b4 drinking-lah, you will by then lose about 2 kgs.
    ,,,continue this water drinking activity for 1 x month and check your weight changes against each week.
    ,,,by then your body and skin will be very healthy, pening kepala semua akan hilang. Your urine should be as clear as the water you been drinking daily.
    ,,,continue this routine as long as possible..just drink one and half liters of h2o every morning se-lepas gosok gigi-lah yaa.
    ,,,try it out !...drinking water only-lah sebagai ubat. Exercise daily too, pergi berjalan jalan kaki tiap tiap pagi too or buat gardening berpeluh badan. You must sweat out daily too yaa...jangan malas exercise, you must do it. O.K ??. Buat kerja rumah guna energy type pun boleh, janji berpeluh badan.
    ,,,makan-lah apa you suka but drink water b4 makan apa-apa dan selepas makan.

  6. Capt.,
    Wow, sounds pretty easy to lose weight, just drink lots of water. The drinking part is ok with me but the sweating part..not too sure. Kerja rumah tak peluh sangat, nak exercise pula terribly hot sampai ke petang. Pergi gym boring. Excuses lah. Hehehe. But seriously, I'll try to follow your advice. Thanks.