Friday, May 14, 2010

H1N1 Vaccination

Ever since H1N1 reared its ugly head some time last year, I was constantly plagued with the fear of getting infected by it. At the peak of the first wave of the pandemic, I shunned all crowded places like. Pasar Malam and Pasar Ramadhan. My weekly supply of groceries and perishable items were hurriedly purchased without the usual fuss of a thorough and detailed inspection, much to the relief of the shop assistants and my husband. Of course, all these compulsory outings were never done on weekends or public holidays. Even on weekdays, I made sure that everything was done before or after lunch break. The mask was never forgotten everytime I had to go out. I took great pains to ensure that it fitted snugly onto my face. I did everything I could to protect myself from the virus and I also made sure that both my husband and mother were equally protected, driving them mad with exasperation!

It was a dream come true when the Ministry Of Health decided to offer these vaccines to the general public, even if it was only on a first come first serve basis, due to its limited supply. I wasted no time in alerrting my husband on the urgency to act fast but what I got was just a lukewarm response.  It was quite obvious that he was not really interested. He was of the notion that these shots were strictly for the high risk group and that he was not willing to "contaminate" his body with chemicals (referring to the vaccine). I tried to convince him, with the minimum knowledge that I possess of vaccines, that they are quite free of chemicals, but no amount of persuasion could convince him. This stubborn streak of his had me in doubts, too. I was now torn between wanting to carry on with my initial plan (of getting vaccinated) or just abandon the whole idea and let nature take its course until.........

A few days ago, after his round of golf, he told me that he had made an appointment to get vaccinated.!!!
I was overjoyed by this sudden change of heart and on investigating discovered that two of his golf buddies that morning were doctors who already got themselves vaccinated. He must have enquired about the "chemicals" and the side effects but I refrained from interrogating further for fear that he might change his mind. I also decided not to brood or sulk or wallow in self pity over the fact that he chose to believe his golf buddies instead of me. Time was ruuning out and there was no point in bickering over such matters, though I told myself that I would not give in so easily in future, come what may.

At last, we got ourselves vaccinated.


  1. Selamat petang Cikgu Siti,

    Your hubby remind me of so much of myself…hahaha like all typical married men we r all very stubborn.

    I thought I share this email I received recently with u, in view of what u have just written;

    Subject: FW: Message from DG, World Health Organisation (Malaysian Chapter )

    "There is a special strain of Virus that is more deadly than H1N1. It affects most married men, eventually causing restricted mobility, speech impairment, extreme stress, high BP and uncontrolled fits of rage.

    Unfortunately there is no cure in sight and symptoms may stay with the victim forever.

    It's called " B1N1 ".

    Hehehe, no offends, good medicine for a Friday but.Have a good weekend to both of u.


  2. wow.. you got yourself vaccinated! good for you! guess the mask can be thrown away now, and more time can be spent outdoors ;-)

  3. Mr. Yewfigure,
    Much as he hated vaccinations, I think my husband must have got himself vaccinated for B1N1 before our marriage because he does not seem to be having any of the symptoms that you mentioned (not yet, anyway), throughout our 30 plus years of married life!! Wish they had invented something equally potent for the female species to counteract B1N1!! HeHeHe.

  4. Dear Dieya,
    I feel more confident now to start gallivanting again. I still have several boxes of masks left. HeHeHe.