Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teachers Day Greetings


On this special day,I would like to share this beautiful song with all teachers throughout  Malaysia.


  1. happy teacher's day aunty siti! once a teacher, always a teacher :-)

  2. Hi Cikgu Siti, despite all the headaches & hair ripping moments, I can safely say, deep inside, it must had been a rewarding journey for u teachers knowing you'd done your part to society.

    Sad to say the current parents are not as appreciative & respectful to teachers nowadays as compared to back in those days.

    Thanks & cheers,

    P/S - Please feel free to address me as Tommy like the rest of them :))

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  4. Dieya,
    Thanks. I guess you're right. Knowingly or otherwise, we tend to act like one even after retirement. I'm trying hard to shake off some of the schoolmarmish traits, though.

  5. Tommy,
    Glad that you are one of those who appreciates a teacher's gruelling task in educating a child. I guess I've done my part thogh at times I feel I could have done more. Well, whatever it is, I have this to say to all teachers...Good Luck!!!

  6. Mr. Lonely,
    I have visited your blog and left my comments there. Going by the number of your followers, I think you shouldn't be feeling lonely at all!!!